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Winemaker’s Wife – The story of the New Single Vineyard label

A modern and easily distinguishable label. Different from the Zambartas Range, and at the same time in line with our characteristic style. Something that expresses the vineyard. The soil. The vines. The beauty of its age. The typical way it is cultivated. The robust character of a vine in a hot climate.  Something that touches on the essence of a Single Vineyard Range. And finally, something that makes the label ‘ours’.

All of the above sum up pretty well what we looked for when we decided to give our Xynisteri Single Vineyard (and the Single Vineyard range to follow) a new jacket. Not an easy task to express that in a label and how to find the artist?

Things fell into place relatively quickly once we decided that this could be another unique ‘family’ project. We have always cherished the fact that our family created the winery and wines, so why not extend this to the labels also? My father (and Marcos’ father-in-law), Gerard, always had a big talent for sketching and painting. Since his retirement, he has picked up the pencil more frequently  and recently graduated from the Arendonk Art Academy in Belgium. He has an inherent love for nature and very much enjoys helping out at the winery during his stays in Cyprus. Bingo, one plus one is two!

So, Gerard got his sketchbook and headed to the vineyard on a cool autumn afternoon and started sketching the different shapes of vines. Old bush vines can have beautiful artistic shapes and none of them are the same. Each one of them grows in a unique way. After a study, some photographs and a few aquarelles he came to his final sketch which is now on the new label.

We immediately loved it and ask our graphic designer to blend it in with our modern labels. The result is, in our modest opinion ????, very refined and yet modern. We are very proud that we yet again managed to include a family member’s talent in our product and especially Marleen is excited to see her proud dad!


These are the four words that we choose to feature on the new label. I think the story of the evolution of the label fits these four words perfectly.

We love it. We hope you do as well!


A winemaker’s Wife


Ps: Yes, it is under screwcap! We decided to go against prevailing opinions and attitudes in Cyprus, because we believe screwcap is a very good closure for quality wines. Marcos will explain in his winemaker’s notes why.

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