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‘We must strive to be young as a Beaujolais and grow old like a Burgundy.’

This year our vintage team was joined by Morphee Besseau, 2nd year student of Enology & Marketing at Bordeaux University and Jade Godmuse, student of food technology and applicant at SupAgro Montpellier.  Two hard working, focussed, but also fun and social French girls. Let’s meet them!

So ladies, let’s introduce you first! Where & how did you grow up?

Jade I grew up in the western suburb of Paris, close to Versailles. I have one younger brother and since high school I studied far from my home. I had the chance to travel a lot with my family when I was younger, and now, and I love that!

Morphee I’m from the Atlantic coast, I grew up at 20 minutes from the beach and the sea. I’m from a little village in the Vendée which is in located at one hour from Nantes. I grew up between one lovely older brother and my twin sister.  I’ve been also lucky because my neighbours were my grandparents, so I could see them every week as my uncle/aunt. After high school I went to Rennes for my study; I stayed there for 5 years. My current studies drove me to Bordeaux. I am really happy to be there, I fell in love with the city!

How did your interest in wine develop?

Jade My interest came from my interest in food actually! I love cooking. Then, I learnt how to appreciate wine during family dinners, as well as how to pair our meal with wine. Nowadays, I like drinking wine with friends and having good time around a good dinner.

Morphee It was more or less a coincidence. I’m not from the wine world; I didn’t inherit that from my education. I had to do an agricultural internship during my first studies and I chose to do it in the winery “J. MOURAT” which is a famous winery in my region. They generously shared with me their knowledge, their passion, mostly their ‘’love of wine’’. They made me realise that the winemaking process requires scientific and artistic intuition. I understood at the end of this first internship that I want to work in the wine world.

What is your favourite food & wine combination?

Jade Foie gras with sweet white wine, defenitely!

Morphee I appreciate to mix sugar and salt, acid and sweet…. So, as a French girl, one of my favourites is also ‘’foie gras’’ with a Gewurztraminer late harvest or a Chenin late harvest from AOC Fief Vendéen. You can also combine this sweet wine with a ‘’canard à l’orange’’ (duck cooked with orange), well-cooked it is fabulous.

What was your first impression of Cyprus vineyards and wines?

Jade My first impressions were that the vineyards look pretty wild if you compare to France, you don’t always have straight lines, you have to take a little mountain path to get there. One more thing, the shape of the very old vine was so impressive. I was also impressed with all the indigenous Cypriot varieties used for winemaking, and how good they are. My favorite one is the Maratheftiko!

Morphee I’m from the west coast and I study in Bordeaux so I’m used to see huge vineyards, some hectares for one plot where all the vines are under trellising system. When I arrived, I was really surprised by this aspect of the vineyards: small plots, spread vineyards, bush vines, no trellising systems etc.  I was happy to see new and different viticulture management.

I was really excited to discover all the local varieties and visit a few wineries. Unfortunately, I would need more time see them all. If I should put forward one thing which surprised me most, I think it’s the rosé colour:  I am used to drink the light rosé from Provence, I remember having been surprised by the deep colour of the Cyprus rosés.

What did you learn during your stay in Cyprus?

Jade As it was my first experience in the wine industry, I could say that I learned everything that I know in the vineyards and about winemaking, here in Cyprus!

Morphee I completed only one harvest internship when I arrived in Cyprus, so my experience was limited. I only did red vinification in my previous internship.  So now, everything that I know in practice in rosé and white vinification comes from Zambartas winery.  I cannot do a listing of all the stuff that I learnt because it’s too much, but in conclusion I learnt here the tools to produce a quality wine with scientific rigor.

And about the life in Cyprus, I’ve been really happy to learn about the history of this island; The island’s culture is so rich! This country deserves to be known and not only for his coast and beaches.

What was you must fun moment in Cyprus?

Jade I can’t describe only one moment because we had a lot! But for me it was generally every vineyard trip with Cristodoulos and Morphée. You can’t imagine how much bullying we did to each other in the Mitsubishi!

Morphee I had a lot of fun moments in Cyprus, during my trips discovering the country, with the people that I met on the way and so much at work. I have been lucky to do my internship in a fun team. Some of the best moments where when I went in the vineyards with Christodoulos and Jade; he called us the ‘French Forces’!!

Last, but not least; tell us your favourite wine related expression!

Jade Il faut s’efforcer d’être jeune comme un beaujolais et de vieillir comme un Bourgogne.’ – (‘We must strive to be young as a Beaujolais and grow old like a Burgundy.’)

Morphee I don’t know any wine expression, but one that I love is: “Le bon vivant n’est pas celui qui mange beaucoup, mais celui qui goûte avec bonheur à toutes les formes de la vie.” – (“The bon vivant is not the one who eats a lot, but the one who happily tastes all forms of life.”)


Ladies, thank you again for your hard work and good luck with your career in wine!

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