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‘The Grape Escape’ 26-27 Nov

Argyrides, Kyperounda, Tsiakkas, Vlassides, and Zambartas wineries invite you to ‘GRAPE ESCAPE 2022’

During the weekend of the 26th and 27th of November 2022, we welcome you to a new communal event for all wine enthusiasts from Cyprus and abroad. It is a unique opportunity to visit all 5 wineries in one weekend!

We will be hosting you at every winery for tasting experiences, winery tours, and a special ‘blind’ tasting competition. Taste 6 wines, including older vintages at every winery. There will be a presentation by our hospitality team on how to taste each wine and learn about the organoleptic characteristics. Enjoy platters or bites to accompany the wine tasting.

There will be 3 sessions at each winery on Saturday and Sunday at

11.00 hrs       13.00 hrs       15.00 hrs

Ticket sale  Ticket sales will be at each winery door, for 10,- euro p.p. for one session at a winery, by reservation.

Please contact each winery individually to reserve a time slot. For reservations at Zambartas Winery, please call at 25 94 24 24 (during office hours) or email at [email protected] 

This event is Adult only and strictly by reservation due to limited availability at each winery.

~ C O M P E T I T I O N ~

All wine lovers will have the opportunity to

 Participate in the 1st Grape Escape Challenge:

1 wine will be served ‘blind’ as part of this year’s competition, and you will be asked to guess the ‘mystery’ wine. The top 4 participants will win 5 bottles of wine, one from each winery, from older vintages.

Participate in the 2nd Grape Escape Challenge:

By visiting most of the 5 wineries over the weekend, 2 of our guests will also get a chance to win a wine prize in a raffle draw.



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