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Single Vineyard Range exclusively for sale at the winery

We are excited to present our full Single Vineyard Range of wines. A unique range of wines with very limited number of bottles produced of each label. With this range we focus on the vineyard and its natural habitat. In this way, we believe, we can best express the unique terroir of Cyprus in the bottle.

4 vineyards, 4 different stories

The four vineyards that are expressed in this range of wines each have their own story, characteristics and identity.

Single Vineyard Margelina, Field Blend 2017

The oldest vineyard, Margelina, was planted in 1921 and classifies as one of Europe’s oldest vineyards. Although unattended for 4 years by the previous owner, Marcos sensed the unique value of this vineyard and its potential to make a style of wine long forgotten on the island. Located in Agios Nicolaos at an altitude 900m facing the Troodos Mountains with a North – West orientation, it is mainly planted with Mavro, but there are Xynisteri, Maratheftiko, Ofthalmo, Kanella and Yiannoudi plants as well.After acquiring the vineyard we tended it organically for 2 years without encouraging crop production to rejuvenate it. We have reshaped the vines, added manure and in 2017 we finally harvested its grapes. A true gem of Cypriot viticulture, which we proudly preserve!

Single Vineyard Xynisteri 2018

Our Xynisteri is a beautiful 30+ years old vineyard at an elevation of 950 meters altitude. This west-facing vineyard has been masterfully shaped by the previous owner, it is farmed organically and it is naturally combating fungus and harmful insects. The grapes ripe beautifully each year due to its elevation and sufficient sun exposure, giving a wine with such an aroma and flavour concentration that has put Xynisteri in the grape varieties that can produce age-worth white wines. It is a novel style of wine that places Xynisteri among the varieties that can yield high quality white wines.

Single Vineyard Marathéftiko Rose 2018

Akis Zambartas always fostered a strong belief in the superiority of Maratheftiko compared to other Cypriot red varieties. It was natural that the first vineyard planted by the Zambartas family back into 2006 would be Maratheftiko. Located in Pachna village,  it is partly goblet shaped and partly on a trellis and has been coming of age remarkably well, despite the inherent pollination difficulties of the Maratheftiko variety. As we mostly use Maratheftiko to produce red wine since the inception of the winery, we took on the challenge to produce an elegant, lightly barrel matured Rose with a signature.

Single Vineyard Shiraz 2016

Shiraz is a story of micro climate and extreme weather. Located in Pachna Village, this goblet shaped 18 year old vineyard was hit by hail early in the growing season in 2016. Approximately 40% of the grape production was destroyed. The remaining grapes benefited and turned out to be the best grapes that Marcos witnessed in his life as a winemaker in Cyprus. The decision to make a Single Vineyard varietal Shiraz was taken with instinct and a critical mind. Something unique could come out of this unexpected cloud burst and it was well worth exploring!

Organic practices and respect for nature

We believe in limited intervention to nature’s ways therefore we farm our vines organically, emphasizing the ‘sense of place’ in our wines. Herbicides are not used at all and we do the extra mile to protect our vines  with naturally occurring substanses when it is necessary, and not proactively, hence significantly reducing spraying. We analyse the soil to decide if and which fertilization is necessary and we plant cover crops to negate deficiencies. Despite that phylloxera might enter the Cypriot ecosystem in the future, we take the risk to plant our new vineyards on their own roots to get the full expression of our terroir.

Limited interventions in winemaking

While crafting the wines in this range, Marcos continues the philosophy of limited intervention aiming full expression of the terroir in the final product. To this means, he uses natural yeasts despite the risks for the Margelina and Xynisteri labels, limits filtrations and stabilisation processes on all the wines to the minimum needed and avoids dominant oak aroma’s. The winemaking is centred around the idea that the winemaker enables and allows the wine to speak for itself.

A modern look and closure

Old Vineyards with a long story deserve a label that honours them. That’s why we have asked Marleen’s father, who has a talent for art, to draw one of those beautiful old and gnarling bush vines to feature on the label of this range. The result is a modern label with a gorgeous age defying vine in the spotlight.

We choose to bottle the wines under screwcap, that is where old and modern ultimately cross paths. High quality wines deserve a closure that preserves their precious, but sensitive aroma and allows them to age without oxidising. High quality modern screwcaps do this better that any other closure nowadays. The choice of a winemaker with heart for both tradition and science.

The full range is now available at the winery.

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Single Vineyard Xynisteri 2018

Single Vineyard Maratheftiko Rosé 2018

Single Vineyard Shiraz 2016

Single Vineyard Margelina 2017

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