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Discover our Indigenous Varieties

Purchase Online – 6 bottle tasting case €73

Our own indigenous grape varieties give a unique character to the Cypriot wine regions and produce high quality wines with a character. Honouring our past, we lead them into a promising future.

At Zambartas we have a long shared passion for our own indigenous varieties, which all started with Akis Zambartas’ pioneering research to re-discover our lost varieites in the 1980’s. (Read his account here)

Since then we have actively planted new and purchased old vineyards with these varieties. Tending them organically, we wish to bring out the best of our Cypriot grapes, in an evironmentally responsilbe manner.

For this online promotion, we have made a selection of wines made exclusively from native Cypriot grape varieties. Introduce yourself to the different styles and discover wines with a real Cypriot character.



2 bottles Xynisteri 2019 (White)
2 bottles Maratheftiko 2018 (Red)
1 bottle  Xynisteri Single Vineyard 2019 (Organic White)
1 bottle  Margelina Single Vineyard 2017, Field Blend (Red).

Drink local, support local!

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