39, Grigores Afxentiou street
4710 Agios Amvrosios
Tel. + 357 25 94 24 24

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Community Tree Planting

On Sunday 16 February we will be co-organising a tree planting day in Agios Amvrosios.

Our community is in need for more trees, especially after the devastating fires of 2015 and 2018.  Bushes and plants have recovered or multiplied again without human interference. Large trees, such as olive and carob trees, have a hard time to recover and need more help.

Together with the Agios Amvrosios Community Council, the Pachna Communal Police and the Organised Communities of Cyprus, we will make an effort to plant trees and make our village green again.

We are looking for volunteers to help us out on the day! After the planting we welcome you for a glass of wine at our winery. If you are interested to help, please contact us by phone +357 25 94 24 24 or email: [email protected]

Day: Sunday 16 February*
Time: 10.30 AM
Meeting point: Agios Amvrosios Community Building at the centre of the village

* If weather conditions are very bad,  you will be notified  & the event will be postponed

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